4 Week Pescetarian Meal Plan

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Whether you’re a new or seasoned Pescatarian looking for new meal ideas OR desiring to lose weight then this meal plan is for YOU!

Our 28 day/4 Week weight loss meal plan starts with a 3 day veggie detox to flush your body of toxins and processed junk food to jumpstart your weight loss. Next 25 days we focus on teaching you portion control & how to eat healthy balanced meals to promote a lifestyle of healthy living. NO quick fixes, NO extreme diets, NO cutting out food groups. We simply provide a plan that WORKS and teaches you how to make healthy Pescetarian meals that result in healthy weight loss. The average person loses 6-10 pounds in 3 weeks on our plan and 30+ Ibs if you continue to use the plan as a lifestyle of healthy eating. CLICK HERE to read our Success Stories!

No need to count calories or worry if what you’re eating will result in weight loss, we do it ALL for you. You just have to  be consistent and follow the plan. No more being confused on what to eat, when to eat, or how to eat. Make forward progression on our healthy eating journey TODAY.

This 28 Day Meal Plan includes:
– Yummy and healthy Pescetarian meal options
– 3 meals per day + 2 healthy snacks
– More than 20 Healthy Recipes
– 3 Day Veggie Detox
– Simple Meal Plan Success Guide
– Custom Grocery List
– Be empowered how to eat, what to eat, when to eat
– Detailed Recipes with Calorie/Macro Information Provided

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