I’ve been waiting to hit a milestone and after 6 weeks of hard work I am proud to say I have lost weight AND inches! It feels good to know that all the “Life Changes” that Lashonda Jones has helped to instill in my life are paying off in ways that I can measure and see. It makes it “real” and helps to keep you going. I almost hit snooze and skipped the gym today but I thought about the scale and the milestone moment and a voice in my head said “but how bad do you want it?” and my feet hit the floor! Consistency is key and every time I do a workout or leave the gym, I feel that much more empowered on this journey.

- Stephanie N

I was introduced to the dynamic duo of Lashonda and Johnnie Jones through their Life Changers Faith and Fitness Face Book group. Once becoming part of this group, I was able to see how positive and uplifting this couple is and how passionate they are about making positive changes in the lives of others regarding their health.
First, I participated in their no sugar challenge with the group. I felt so much better, my thinking was so much clearer and I had more energy!  I decided I wanted to continue with this journey to become a healthier me. At this point, I purchased one of their meal plans. The food on this plan is SO good! During this time Lashonda and Johnnie would constantly give advice through Facebook live and Periscope about workouts, healthy eating, and anything else they thought would be helpful.
I lost 20 POUNDS over the course of 2 months. I am so proud of the work I put in and am looking forward to the next 20!

- Ashley R

I always preach slow & steady wins the race BUT here’s MY proof of what I preach.

This is me weighing in at 200+ Ibs just 2 years ago after giving birth to my son. This picture always shocks me for just a second BUT then I quickly remember WHY I have ZERO shame. Why? Because after 30 hours of labor, 3 hours of pushing, 36 weeks of carrying, countless sleepless nights, & unlimited amount of faith in God, I found out just how STRONG I really am.

I tear up every time I look back at the woman I became as a journeyed into motherhood. No other task or accomplishment in life strengthened, grew, challenged or stretched me like that did. Once I came into the full realization of just how AMAZING of a woman I’ve become, Transforming my body into the pic on the Right was inevitable. Loosing the baby fat, regaining my strength, and finding this new balance of ME was only a matter or time and persistence. From there it was all mental, daily reminding myself of my journey and this “newfound” strength I didn’t realize I had. I could move mountains if I wanted to.

My note to myself & ANY other mom out there. Cut yourself some slack BUT yet believe in yourself. You are MORE THAN a number on a scale. You’re also capable of doing ANYTHING you put your mind to. AND to ANYONE else on a transformation or weight loss journey, have FAITH in God, in yourself, AND in the journey. God will strengthen you when you feel weak and YES You are SO much stronger, disciplined, and able than you think you are. AND if you don’t quit….the journey and process of weight loss will not fail you. Daily we ALL have a choice either change or remain the same.

We can do ALL things through Christ but apart from Him we can do Nothing.

- Lashonda Jones

About 2 years ago, I was physically at my BEST. Then shortly thereafter LIFE happened. I found out I was both pregnant with my second child & that my husband was being deployed. I continued to exercise but just wasn’t able to handle cooking, working full time, & being mom to a child with a disability, while another was on the way.

Once I realized I was weighing in at nearly 200 Ibs after delivering my son, I eventually gave it all up! I lost all motivation to do anything about my weight and health BUT I knew I had to do something!

This is when I started watching Lashonda & Johnnie on Periscope. I listened to their messages & watched her workout BUT took NO action of my own. Then one day I decided that NOW it was time to get up and do something. From that day forward I began prepping my meals, joining their challenges and doing the “Mommy and Me” workout at home. In nearly two weeks I was down from 190 to approximately 180lbs. After that I watched my body transform from 180 to now 168 Ibs. I went from a size 16 to a size 12 pants!!!

Not only has this CHANGED my life but the life of my family as well. Now my husband, sister, cousin & niece are ALL on the journey with me! My husband has also lost weight as a result of me prepping healthy meals & being motivated to work out on his own. I even caught my oldest son doing jumping jacks and flexing his muscles-lol! I know that he’s mimicking what he sees his parents doing. My plan is to continue this journey and get to 135 lbs, have a flat tummy, fit into my old clothes, and have the knowledge to get me through baby #3 whenever that time comes.

- Jennifer P

“I am a proud benefactor of the Core Elevation Program. I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy and needed some help getting the weight off. I purchased the core elevation meal plan and also workout series. It gave detailed, practical information that has helped me turn getting healthy mind, body, and spirit into a life style. The first 6 days of the program I lost 5 pounds. 3 months later I am 9 pounds down and 4 pants sizes off. I have a little more weight to go, but I am grateful that I have turned being fit and eating healthy into a lifestyle, thanks to Johnnie and Shonda with Core Elevation. They have helped to guide me in the program every step of the way! I am grateful!.”

- Kit Evans Ford

My name is Margo M Wade-Morton , I am a 49 year old mother of two beautiful young adults. I have battled with weigh issues all my life, I go up and down my heaviest was 281 lbs. I have tried every diet you can imagine and would lose weight but seemed to gain back what I lost plus extra. I had almost given up hope of ever shedding the pounds until I joined one of Lashonda’s challenges. She taught me how to cook meals that were both healthy and taste good. She also showed us exercises that I could ACTUALLY do!

I noticed I wasn’t as tired as I usually am and that I had more energy. I also notice I was losing weight and actually enjoying drinking water. By applying everything she taught, I am now down 15lbs and am walking and running (which I swore I would never do) twice a day.

For the first time I am losing weight and getting healthy the right way. My goal is to run a 5k and go skydiving and to continue accepting every challenge. What resonated throughout this process is you have to change your mindset and set goals that are attainable. Encourage yourself daily and surround yourself with people who will support you and encourage you.

- Margo M

“I started my journey to fitness with Core Elevation in September of 2015, after another discouraging trip to the Doctor. In no uncertain terms, the Doctor told me I needed to lose 50 pounds ASAP. Not knowing what to do, or where to start, I called Johnnie & Shonda. Johnnie put me on the right track and gave me a calorie goal, which would help me lose about 2 lbs a week. Shonda, gave me the motivation to become more active and encouraged me to read a book called “Made to Crave”. This combination was EXACTLY what I needed to get moving.
I purchased a FitBit, joined my local gym, began exercising regularly, cleaned out my refrigerator (and my mind), and I haven’t looked back since.
When I started this journey, I was the heaviest I had ever been. Today, eight months later, I have lost a total of 34 lbs. I did not take measurements when I began this journey, but I am down two pants sizes and even my smaller pants are getting baggy.
I can’t begin to thank Core Elevation enough! The challenges, meal plans, online community, and accountability has been a true blessing from God. I still want to get rid of these last 16 pounds, and I’m well on my way :-)”

- Tiffany A

My journey is coming along great! This was me on the left at 185 and me now at 164! Juicing and my meal and workout plans from Lashonda Jones and her husband Johnnie Jones really helped me. I still have more to lose but I wanted to share with everyone that may be trying to lose weight. It is possible IF you don’t give up. I’m a prime example.

- Shima E